RHAP-16002 – Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Dispenser

  • Water boiler and warmer with a large 4.2 Quarts (4 Liters) capacity
  • One-touch electric dispenser switch under spout: Electric dispense and Cup switch
  • Big Windows Water-level gauge with blue light: Easy to read water level with low light
  • Micro computerized temperature control system: 3 Temperature settings – tea (208 degree F), coffee (185 degree F), and (instant soup, hot cereal, etc. (149 degree F)
  • Dry-boiled protection , Stainless steel outer shell and inner pot
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Electric Hot-Water Dispenser


Easily serve hot beverages. This unit holds up to 4 Liters of water, and offers three temperature settings – tea (208°F), coffee (185°F), and 149°F. It can keep warm at 185ºF. For safety and thermal efficiency, Rosewill’s Electric Hot-Water Dispenser features a micro-computerized temperature-control system heater located on the bottom.
Its user-friendly design includes re-boil and dry-boiled protection, with a blue indicator-light on its water gauge. Attractively housed in a stainless steel outer shell with a stainless steel inner pot, the RHAP-16002 Hot-Water Dispenser brandishes a sophisticated aura.

• Two ways to dispense

The Rosewill Hot-Water Dispenser RHAP-16002 comes equipped
with two ways to dispense water with the button on the top of the
housing, or the cup switch behind the spout.
Use the button on top when you have two free hands; use the cup
switch underneath by engaging the switch with the lip of a cup or
coffee mug.

• Re-boil and keep warm function

The Rosewill RHAP-16002 is designed with a re-boil function.
And it can keep warm at 185ºF.
Enjoy hot water at any time for tea, coffee, or whatever you like!

• 3 Temperature settings

This hot water dispenser has 3 temperature settings: 208ºF (tea),
195ºF (coffee), and 149°F (instant soup, hot cereal, etc.).
You can enjoy your hot foods and beverages any time.

• More Attractive and Safety Design

Stainless steel outer shell and inner pot Water gauge with blue light.
Auto lock for safety purpose Dry-boil protection.

Dimensions 11.65 × 9.33 × 12.83 in

Electric Water Warmer / Boiler / Dispenser

Power Supply

120 V / 60 Hz

Power Wattage

750 Watts


4.2 Quarts (4 Liters)

Automatically Re-boil


Keep Warm Function



New compact design to fit most counter top space

Two ways to dispense: Electric top button dispense and Cup switch

Stainless steel outer shell and 304 stainless steel inner pot

Bottom heater

Micro-computer control

Water outlet: Auto electric pump Auto electric pump lock for safety purpose

Dry-boiled protection

Water gauge with blue light 3

Temperature settings, suitable for instant food, tea (208 degree Fahrenheit), coffee / milk powder (185 degree Fahrenheit), keep warm (149 degree Fahrenheit) Reboilng button

Automatically Re-boil

Temperature Declining Function

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Support Email: techsupport@rosewill.com
Warranty and RMA Email: rma@rosewill.com

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User manuals


RHAP-16002 User Manual 2.28 MB 129 downloads

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