Rosewill Enters HI-Res Audio Segment and Indroduces New Headphones Series

The EX-500 and EX-700 In-Ear Headphones Provide Hybrid Dual Driver Support, High Resolution Audio and an Enjoyable Listening Experience

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. – Feb. 17, 2017 – Today Rosewill announces its entry into high end audio devices with the EX-500 and EX-700 in-ear headphones with hybrid dual driver support. Engineered for those who seek astounding audio reproduction of their favorite music in high-resolution audio format or individuals who thrive for rich sounds, a wide soundstage, and crisp digital audio reproduction.

Remarkable Hybrid Dual In-Ear Headphones Capable of 24bit /192k Music

Both EX-500 and EX-700 were designed to deliver full range sound using state-of-the art technology, materials, and design. In order to produce a high-quality audio experience, Rosewill developed the EX-500 and EX-700 with oxygen-free copper (OFC) and durable, gold-plated 3.5mm plugs to maximize conductivity and keep sounds distortion-free. The EX-700 system features two drivers tailored to enhance each driver’s strengths. The 8mm dynamic unit sits behind a customized balanced armature that increases electrical efficiency and eliminates stress on the diaphragm. Working together, the hybrid dual driver system gives a sound signature with powerful bass and clear treble. The EX-500 also employs a hybrid dual driver system but features a 10mm dynamic unit for responsive deep bass with an innovative ceramic tweeter delivering crystal clear pitch in the mid and upper frequency ranges. Both EX-500 and EX-700 are able to output audio higher than 40kHz and are certified to bear the Hi-Res Audio logo from the Japan Audio Society (JAS) and Consumer Technology Association.

Engineered with Patented SpinFit Earbud Technology for Comfort, Style, and an Enjoyable Music Experience

Listening in comfort has never been better with both EX-500 and EX-700 weighing less than 19g respectively. The hybrid dual driver system for both models are encased in strong, durable gunmetal grey Aluminum Alloy housing while the in-line control and microphone are protected by a sturdy silicone sleeve. Its patented SpinFit earbud technology allows the headphones to be comfortably seated deeper into the ear to cancel out surrounding noise while enhancing treble and bass. Each model includes five pairs of earbud tips— three pairs designed for treble enhancement and two additional for standard use. Rosewill’s EX-500 and EX-700 Hybrid Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones will be available beginning on March 1st 2017 with a starting MSRP of $69.99 and $59.99 respectively on either Newegg or Amazon.

EX-700 Hybrid 2-Way In-Ear Headphones

EX-700-01                    EX-700-02

EX-500 Hybrid 2-Way In-Ear Headphones

EX-500-01                    EX-500-02

About Rosewill

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