PC Gaming is as exciting and popular as ever, and I was really excited to learn about this recent review from the guys at The Tech Report. Rosewill’s RK-9000V2 Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best out there for the money. Read the review on techreport.com. And check out each of the four RK-9000V2 gaming keyboard models on Newegg – choose among BlueRedBlack, and Brownswitches.


Speaking of switches, not everybody knows all the subtle differences among the key switch types. I know from experience that sometimes customers buy a keyboard without learning which switch-type does what and are unhappily surprised at what they get. Those new to PC gaming, too, may only know about one type of key switch when he or she might prefer another. Well, we are here to help! So a quick overview follows on the variables among Rosewill’s mechanical keyboard line-up.


Instead of using a naming or numbering convention, the original Cherry MX key creators used colors to correspond to switch-type. First, black or red key switches have what’s called a “linear” keystroke, meaning when you press a key, its path downward feels straight and smooth to your fingertips. The blacks have a firmer spring installed, so your fingers will need just a bit of extra effort with each press as compared against the red switches.



Second, in contrast, brown or blue key switches will give your fingertips some “tactile feedback,” as it were, with the actuator mechanism providing a non-linear, “bump”-feeling as the key is pressed down. The blue keys take it even further and give your ears an audible “click” sound with the bump so you hear the instant when the keystroke is registered by your operating system.  While no keyboard is silent, the linear are quieter than non-linear, and the blue is the most audible.



Another variable is in the amount of pressure or force it takes for your fingers to actually make the key do what it’s supposed to do. This is measured in either grams (g) or centi-Newtons (cN). Comparatively, the reds and browns are the easiest to press at 45 g, the blues require a little more pressure – around 50 g – and blacks are the stiffest at 60 g.


Those who type all day might prefer the keys on the quieter side that only require a light touch – the reds and browns, perhaps. However, if you want audible, “clicky” feedback that says “Congratulations! Your key has been successfully pressed!” at every tap, then the blues are best. If you like games that require fewer key presses, and you’re not going to be typing out that novel this month (or ever), the blacks are likely the ones to choose.This chart compares the variables among Rosewill keyboards specifically:


Occasionally, you will encounter key switches of other colors for sale, including clear, green, gray and dark gray, super black, and white. These are usually specialized for the space bar only, or they are a variation in weight or tactility of the colors listed above.


As a brief aside, here, according to this straw poll, brown is the most popular among voters at 32% – only by a slight margin over blue, and are probably considered the best all-around switch type based on their specs. Blue switches have a slight margin over red.  Rubber dome (non-mechanical) key-types come next with only 11% of voters’ favor, followed by all other colors (including clear), each rating in the single digit percentages. Follow the link to vote on your favorite keys, too. (All percentages pertain to the time of this writing – May, 2015.)


And just because we try to please everyone, Rosewill also offers Silicon O-Rings for your mechanical keyboard. Add these to your Cherry MX Blue switches – you’ll get the perfect balance between actuation force and tactile feedback with the percussive click volume significantly dampened by the O-ring.


I hope that is helpful. Try out one of Rosewill’s great gaming keyboards today. If for any reason you are not satisfied, just contact our Customer Service Department and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right model. We want you to be equipped with the best gear so you can game hard and have fun!